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QCB Executive Director Job Description

Executive Director, Queen City Bike

Queen City Bike, the bicycle advocacy organization for Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana, is seeking an Executive Director. The Executive Director represents QCB to the public, local businesses and government agencies in many ways: leading presentations, setting up events, hands-on instruction for children and adults, participating with other groups, gathering success stories from bike advocacy groups around the country, and managing established programs like Bike Month. The ED for Queen City Bike is the champion  for a healthy, active, environmentally responsible lifestyle as a direct benefit tied to Greater Cincinnati’s bicycling movement.

The Executive Director reports to an active Board of Directors, and works in concert with the President of the Board. The position is part time (average 30 hours/week).

About Queen City Bike:

Queen City Bike is a bicycle advocacy 501(c)(3) with a mission to create strong and active communities by promoting the bicycle as a safe, accessible, and low-stress choice for everyday transportation. We build support for bicycling infrastructure, policy, education, and culture using a grassroots approach that works closely with community organizations, local leaders, and citizens to make our streets safer for all users.

Executive Director Responsibilities:


  • Build and sustain relationships with allied businesses and organizations via shared goals, financial or in-kind support, Research, write, and manage grant applications to sustain and grow QCB’s annual budget.
  • Work with the Board to grow attendance, membership and income generated from events including but not limited to Bike Valet and Bike Month.
  • Manage membership retention and growth.


  • Facilitate monthly membership meetings and provide progress reports to the Board and membership.
  • Respond to inquiries from prospective new members and financial sponsors.
  • Serve as point of contact for media requests.
  • Update website and social media.
  • Continue and expand QCB’s consultation services with Groundwork Cincinnati / Mill Creek and the Regional Trails Alliance.
  • Work with President and Board to prepare the annual report.

    Legislative Support

  • Build and maintain strong relationships with local and state DOTE Bike Programs.
  • Participate in meetings with alliance organizations.
  • Build and maintain relationships with legislators; be knowledgeable about relevant legislation
  • Send email Action Alerts to the Board, sponsors, and membership on bicycle transportation projects and advocacy campaigns.
  • Facilitate implementation of  bicycling infrastructure and policy through local city and regional plans
  • Support and champion local, state, and national bicycle campaigns with partner organizations such as The League of American Bicyclists, The Alliance for Biking and Walking, and Safe Routes to School.

    Education and Programming

  • Manage the Bike Friendly Destinations Program.
  • Coordinate with the Cincinnati Bike Center to hold Bike With Confidence Classes.
  • Coordinate with The NKY Health Department and other partner organizations to run the Queen City Blinkies Program.
  • Lead bike safety and bike commuting lectures and classes.


Our ideal candidate should be a current bicycle commuter and passionate about bicycle transportation.  The applicant must have excellent communications skills, a flexible personality, be a confident and persuasive public speaker, skill in project management, and experience coordinating and motivating volunteers. Experience with blogging, grant writing, and community organizing is preferable.

How To Apply:

To apply, submit your resume and a one-page cover letter to Board President, Frank Henson, at We welcome and encourage candidates who represent and can work with people of many different backgrounds.






Earn A Bike Youth Program this Summer

Queen City Bike, Mobo Bike Coop, and Rails to Trails have partnered to receive a grant bringing an Earn a Bike program to Cincinnati young adults this summer!

Earn a Bike summer program

Earn a Bike summer program flyer

Each student will receive a (used) bicycle, bike helmet, lock, and set of lights for completing the program.
The Earn a Bike has two sessions this summer, all on Monday afternoons from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. meeting at Mobo Bicycle Collective [1415 Knowlton Ave.]
The first session runs June 23rd through July 14th.
The second session runs July 21st through August 11th.
Please ask the young people you know if they would be interested in taking the course and earning themselves a bike. Enrollment is open and is first come first serve.
Youth interested in earning a bike must:
  • Be in need of a properly sized and functioning bicycle.
  • Complete the entire four classes to receive a bike.
  • Be able to get to class on time.
  • Be prepared for class by wearing clothes ready for getting dirty, sweaty, etc.

 You can leaning more about the program and sign up a youth by contacting Nern at or (513) 205-3059.


You know you’re at a Bicycle Friendly Destination when…

…A receptionist holds open the door for you as you roll your bike into the building.


Levi with a full rack of bike parking at Epipheo

This is the wonderful treatment I received at a meeting at Longworth Hall today (and the receptionist watched over my bike too!). The beautiful historic rail warehouse is certainly not stuck in the past. We were treated to a tour of the building which houses numerous local businesses. Two of the tenants,  Dot Loop and Epipheo, have done some incredible things to support bicycling and their biking employees.

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Metro Unveils First Ticket Vending Machine

Cincinnati Metro

Using Cincinnati Metro to Bike & Ride just got easier!

Metro passes and stored-value cards will be available 24/7

CINCINNATI – Metro’s quest to make riding more convenient continues with the addition of its first ticket vending machine, installed downtown at the Government Square information booth near the corner of 5th and Walnut Streets. Now open to the public, the machine provides 24/7 access to Metro passes and stored-value cards.

The SPX Corporation’s GFI Genfare machine provides easy-to-use convenience for Metro riders. It offers all Metro 30-day rolling passes including Metro/TANK passes, and $10, $20 and $30 stored-value cards.

The machine accepts cash (exact amounts only) or credit cards. It does not accept coins, but will be able to accept dollar coins starting this summer. Up to four passes can be purchased per transaction. The machine is under 24-hour video surveillance for enhanced security. It is also specially designed to offer Spanish language translation, and braille and audio-translations for our visually and hearing impaired customers.

More ticket vending machines will soon be available in the Clifton area near the University of Cincinnati in the new Uptown Transit District and at other high-traffic transit transit hubs.

Metro is working on additional fare options for customers that will be available in Metro pass sales outlets and ticket vending machines. Metro passes will continue to be sold at a dozen Cincinnati locations and online at

For a diagram showing how to use the ticket vending machine, click here.

Metro is a non-profit, tax-funded public service of the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, providing about 17 million rides per year in Greater Cincinnati.


Cinci Holiday Bike Drive Brings the Joy of Bicycling to Cincinnati Children

We asked for the our friend Cheryl Sussel, creator and driving force of the Cinci Holiday Bike Drive to write up what the project has been up to over the last year and what we can look forward to in 2014. Check out her story:

Bicycle mechanics hear many stories — stories of broken spokes, miles ridden and races won. DSC_0066 resize (1)But the most commonly heard story is about a person’s first bicycle. Often it is the story of how the person’s first bicycle introduced them to their love of bicycling.

It is these stories that compelled a small group of bicycle mechanics to start the Cinci Holiday Bike Drive — we hope to bring the joy of bicycling to low-income children in Cincinnati.  The volunteer-run project simultaneously aims to improve family and child health by promoting cycling in the community.

Last December we held our first Bike Giveaway Day.  We gave 46 children a refurbished bicycle and their own “first bicycle story.”

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What you need to know in case of a bike crash

It is important to know what to remember in a crash before you are in one.

First, Know Your Rights:

Do you know the bike laws? Both state and local laws protect you in a crash.

You can download Cincinnati’s Pocket Guide To Bike Laws here.

For State Laws and safe bicycling practices see:

Ohio Bicycling Street Smarts

Kentucky Bike Laws

Indiana Bike Laws

After a Crash, Be Sure To:

  • Seek Medical Attention. You may not realize how injured you are in the confusion of a crash.
  • Call the police. Insist that the police come to the crash site and file a report. Request a copy of the crash report from the officer.
  • Collect information. Get drivers license numbers, insurance card info, license plate (especially in the case of a hit-and-run), witness name and contact info, document injuries and damage with photos, keep your medical documents and receipts.
  • Consider Legal Action. You may want to take legal action. You also may want to speak with a lawyer before speaking with an insurance company. Legal options may include criminal prosecution or suing an offender. For more assistance with legal matters, please write us at

Reporting a Crash

Report both bicycle crashes and incidents of harassment with the City of Cincinnati here. Choose the “Bicyclist Incident” option in the right hand column.

Report any incidents with METRO buses AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Be sure to record

  1. Day and time
  2. Location
  3. Direction Traveling
  4. Bus # and/or route number/name
  5. Detailed description of what happened

Please send this information to
Sallie Hilvers at or 513-632-7681
or Jill Dunne at or 513-632-7568.

E-Bikes, A Perfect Fit for Many Cincinnatians

Electric-assisted Bicycle (e-bike) Commuting

               My e-bike makes it a pleasure for me to commute for work, a ride of about 14 miles from Pleasant Ridge to Milford. I like to bike two or three days per week in warm weather, and one or two days per week most weeks in the winter. When I bike to work I look forward to the morning ride and to the trip home in the evening.
Ray and his e-bike

Ray and his e-bike

My wife, Leah, and I have hybrid trail bikes we use mostly for rides on bike trails. For commuting and shopping trips and such, we have e-bikes.

              Typical e-bikes have front or rear hub motors, a battery pack, and wiring that includes a throttle system. Inexpensive e-bike systems, available for a few hundred dollars,  use cheaper batteries and are best for trips under ten miles. More expensive systems, ranging from $1000 to $3000, have greater range and power.  I have also looked at reasonably priced gas-motor assist systems, but they were too noisy, finicky, and smelly for my liking. Battery-powered systems are relatively quiet and easy to maintain. I’ve seen a few other e-bikes and e-trikes around Cincinnati, so they are becoming more common. Continue reading

Queen City Bike Valet


Want to encourage bicyclists to attend your community event? Queen City Bike Valet is a great answer to finding enough secure bike parking for festivals, fairs, concerts, sporting and other outdoor events. Bike Valet is convenient and easy to use: we set up a secure area and watch attendees’ bikes for them while they enjoy themselves.

Bike Valet not only makes your bicycling attendees feel specially taken care of, but you are encouraging alternative transportation to your event, as well as freeing up valuable parking spaces for even more guests.

Pricing for your event varies based on the size and scale (Discounts for non-profits, churches, and schools). For more information about rates and to reserve Bike Valet for your event please contact Nern at 513-205-3059 or

988262_10151555333303697_1474515044_n 1187075_10151623176823697_135794336_n

Upcoming Events featuring a Bike Valet:


Reflections from our first bike camping trip

We made it!

The total number of 18 riders throughout our trip we covered over 70 miles up to Morgan’s Riverside Campground and back to Newtown OH.


Our bike gypsy camp in the woods

 We had among our ranks 3 youngsters, one recumbent, one trumpet, one banjo, and two bike trailers. We had experienced bike tourers riding along with some who had never ridden more than ten miles in a day. You can look forward to another QCB Member camping trip this spring, probably in either April or June. We had such a great time, we can’t wait to travel more miles together in the future!IMG_2904